Monday, September 30, 2013


Throughout it all, I never turned down a fight.
I'm known for swift footwork, and my over hand right. 
I've faced many opponents, and never shied away. 
But I struggle with the one, I face today.

I am my own trainer, and hard I do train. 
I do push ups in the snow, and shadow box in the rain. 
But my opponent is huge, and undenieably tough. 
I feel even all my training, won't be enough. 

But I push myself harder, for courage I have found. 
Yet I know this fight, will come to the last round. 
I remember a past fight, how I suffered a cramp. 
I know I can't let this happen, against the undisputed champ. 

He is the most aggressive fighter, I must give it my all. 
I will fight hard and get back up, should I ever fall. 
I will bob and weave, my chin I will tuck. 
I will fight and fight, and hope for a little luck. 

The lights are bright, as I enter the ring. 
I was prepared for this fight, now I can't remember a thing. 
I am the challenger, yet on the champ I will pounce. 
The champ is coming, the man begins to announce. 

Ladies and gentlemen, he announces aloud. 
And waits a second for the hush of the crowd. 
You are about to witness a fight, we all must face. 
You can't run away, or hide any place. 

Here comes the champ, he is bigger than us all. 
He is tough and brutal, a human wrecking ball. 
He has a killer jab, and a hook like a knife. 
He is the undisputed champion, and his name is Life. 

By Ricky Silva, September 2013

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