Sunday, October 27, 2013


I awoke today on October 1, 2013. It was just another day. I heard a knock on my window and knew the nurse was on my door. I am a diabetic and 2 times every day the nurse gives me a shot of insulin. I got dressed and went to my door and very quickly was filled with sorrow.

I noticed it was 1 hour earlier than I usually get my shot and that alone was a bad sign. Then I noticed that the guard was wearing a tie and his uniform was pressed and his boots were all shined up. And he was encouraging the wing to be on their best behavior. Important people were in the prison today. Maybe even the secretary of state. It seemed like a holiday.

But to me there was nothing to celebrate for though it was just another day for me.
I knew that today a man would be murdered. How could I know that?

Well in this building they house death row inmates and only on days of a murder do they dress up all fancy and make everything right.
Notice I say murder and not execution. I say that because an execution is nothing but a murder that has been authorized.

I was very close to death row myself so I feel for them.

So today is not just another day. A life will come to an end and though that at one time wouldn't bother me it does today. So for today I'm filled with regret. Regret that a system can take a human life and not only condone it but celebrate the day like a holiday. Today I regret the life I myself took in a heated moment of anger. For life (any life) is valulable though it's hard we should love each other.

So today to show my love for a man who once lived but do to legal murder will live no longer. I will live this day in 3-D.

3-D is what it is - DIRTY, DEADLY, DAY.

My heart goes out to the family of that man for I feel close to him and don't even know his name.

Be safe!
one man caged


  1. I cried reading this! I don't think anyone out there even realizes how often this occurs, and worse I doubt they even consider the family members of the man whose life is now gone. This is an eye opening blog Ricky. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Today will be shrouded by sadness and mourning for the loss of a man I didn't have the pleasure to know.

  2. Very glad you decided to include this one in your blog. Some poetry/writing can be so powerful it knocks the reader sideways. I'm so sorry for your loss and your sorrow. I feel it too. You may not have known him well however he isn't forgotten, he's here in your blog for us all to be reminded of.