Sunday, November 3, 2013


Just another day, sun shining down.
Birds wake us up, soft chirping sound.
We feel good knowing, we are alive.
But today one man, will surely die.

He lives and loves, like you and me.
He to has his own, preplanned destiny.
He has a family, who loves him dearly.
And with the pain of his loss, will suffer severely.

The man has done wrong, make no mistake.
He has left much wreckage, in his thunderous wake.
Yet like us all, he has good with in.
So which one of us, has the right to kill him?

It's a dark cloud, to live under.
When on your days, someone puts a number.
He regrets the hurt he caused, and knows he was wrong.
He is told he will die, yet tries to remain strong.

He is trapped by a system, that claims no flaw.
Yet they murder often, calling it the enforcement of law.
So as I watch this day, I'm filled with sorrow.
For the soul of one man, will be forgotten tomorrow.

So I feel lucky now, for each and every breathe.
As I reside unwillingly, in this house of death.
A man is murdered, it's 3-D vision we say.
That's how it is, on a Dirty, Deadly, Day!!!

by Ricky Silva, october 2013


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  2. Hi Ricky, we haven't heard from you for a while. Hope you are ok.

  3. Ricky, I sent you a sheet of stamps. Did you get them? Please blog more -- I really miss your posts. Hope you're okay. xoxox

  4. Hi Ricky, I have just sent my letter off to you,hope your ok and your blog is up and running again soon. M x

  5. Hi Ricky, I've not seen any new blog since finding and following you it's a shame.j.