Saturday, October 11, 2014


Words pour quickly 
from the tip of my pen.
Thoughts that flow deeply 
come out now and then.

Like a wild beast roars
I can with ink display my rage.
Like a bird in the sky
I can be free of my cage.

I can show the pain
that is tearing my apart.
I can express the love
that lives inside my heart.

Imagine the emotion shared
in a poem unheard.
Yet to some minds
it's just a mixture of words.

There is darkness in poetry 
yet don't dwell on the sorrow.
For in the next line
lives the hope of tomorrow.

With my pen and some paper
I can let my heart roam free.
So it mind be just words to you
but it's more than a poem to me.

by Ricky Silva, 2013


  1. These recent poems have been full of hope Ricky ! Makes me feel lovely. Don't 4get that you also need to post your dark feelings because you gotta get em off ya chest. + other people need to read them too

  2. My name is ste i just read "more than a poem" apart from being an excellent poem the best poetry as far as I'm concerned is brief but powerful. Your poems fall under this category i don't own a computer but will be following your blog. Love and peace. Ste

  3. Just a reminder think of you all the time + respect to you for keeping it together J.