Saturday, October 18, 2014

MY FLOWER (a love poem)

Like a flower blooming
On a warm spring day
One glimpse of you
Takes my breath away.

The beauty of a flower
Innocent and pure
With just enough edge
So that I can't be sure.

Like a flower in the wind
softly sways
It's that kind of peace
That you bring my days.

A flower doesn't say much
Just wins you over with its beauty
That in a nutshell
Is what you do to me.

The warmth of your smile
And the shine in your eye
The wonder of your laughter
Your tears when you cry.

Everything about you
Just steals my heart
An ocean a million miles wide
couldn't keep us apart.

You bring me peace
In my darkest hour
You're everything good in my life
You are my flower.

by Ricky Silva, 2014


  1. It's so nice to read. Amount other things you are managing to feel peace, that's what we all want really. Love + hugs

  2. You should put your work on written file because I've woken up myself on many mornings with sscrewed up bits of paper all around me and i regret not keeping them.peace. ste

  3. Every time i read this one my heart melts a bit more! Jay.

  4. Be lovely to see another blog entry