Sunday, October 12, 2014


Florida State Prison
If you sit like I do day after day confined at most in ten feet of space, you must find a way to cope.
I have found that time and what I do with it, may by itself be a way to keep me from going crazy.
First I have learned to try and follow a routine of when I wake up and when I go to sleep on a daily basis. This gives me structure daily. Then what I do with my time is important also.
I read a lot. I will not lie and say I try to educate myself with my reading because I have found that a good novel is a way of escaping this madness. I just finished reading the whole Harry Potter series and found that each book took me away, if only for a while.

I also listen to music to pass time. Sometimes songs bring back painful memories, yet painful they are they remind me that I can feel and that's a good thing. Now while I'm structuring my time, as crazy as it may sound, I have to pay no attention to time itself. Just let the hours pass away by engrossing myself in whatever I am doing. So know what I'm doing with my time let forget about my time.

Crazy? Well maybe it is but for my that's the only way I can do the time without letting the time do me.

"Be safe!"

one man caged


  1. Opened my computer, checked ya blog as usual (normally in vain)! And got filled with fantasticallness cos u.r. blogging again. I'm going to bed now but will be in touch .i wanna put on a poem of yours but willPROMISE to ask 1st. You know how sensitive i am about mine. Nite friend x

    1. I just know he will smile when he reads that! Night!

    2. (Xx..) yes i have also found that having a fixed routine which you impose on yourself is a good step toward managing a crisis, illness, bereavement, etc. And that structure you talk about will keep your feet on the ground and keep a check on being spun out. If you deliberately put yaself in a position where by not keeping to your structure it means someone gets let down, then you're likely to keep to it. And if you loved the fantasy escape of harry potter may i suggest our Tterry Pratchett ? Heard of Discworld Ricky? Pratchett created, over his life, a whole magical mysterious land with the best characters, they're lol funny too. Aw it's all sad, this beloved author has Altzimers but he managed to get another discord novel out recently. I wanna get you into them so say if you want one mailed. Your loving friend.

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