Monday, April 29, 2013


If I was not here
were would I be?
Am I doing time
or is time doing me?

I must maintain my sanity
at any cost.
How can I be so focused
and be so lost?

A man can walk
only after an infant crawls.
Why do I feel so alone
when I have these four walls?

Has it really already been
over three years?
Why do I feel like crying
but can't shed any tears?

My mind wanders daily
I'm coming unglued.
Maybe I deserve this
could that be true?

In my life so far
I've done plenty wrong.
Now my punishment is coming
it wont be long.

There is a lion in my heart
and he is so filled with rage
yet I wander patiently
within my concrete cage.

by Ricky Silva, april 2013